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Professional trainers, teams and athletes alike use Push/Pull sleds like our VTX G-SLED to help build explosive strength and stamina, as well as develop speed and acceleration. Sleds offer a dynamic, versatile mode of specialized training that is superior to more traditional forms of conditioning. They have a high weight loading capacity, yet are relatively low-impact and joint friendly. 

Because of its injury prevention qualities - reduces stress and soreness to the lower back, shoulders and knees- sled work is also ideal for rehabilitation. It allows for more regular, progressive use, with shorter periods of recovery between workouts. 




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Product Dimensions: (L) 40" (W) 24" (H) 38 ½” with push pole in place


  • Foot Print 36" x 24"
  • Height 38.5" (with uprights)
  • Product Weight 74 lbs.
  • Includes (2) push poles 36” each which can be placed in any of the four sockets
  • Includes (1) weight post 25 ½” long
  • Includes Low-Push Handle
  • Includes pull strap connection point

Product Options:

*See G-Strap image above. View write-up under VTX “ATTACHMENTS”

Only available in black with orange poles

Pull harness or strap and Carabiner clip not Included.

*See below G-Strap image below. Write-up in VTX “ATTACHMENTS” section.

Product Description: The VTX Push/Pull sled is the perfect way to add a challenge to any work out and the included Low-Push handle requires a lower stance and is great for acceleration training and developing powerful legs.  Contact your sales rep, click the Talk to Troy icon or request a quote today to learn more about the all VTX Push/Pull Sled.

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